There is an extraordinary concentration of church history on the streets of London...

Sites associated with Wilberforce, Tyndale, Wesley, Whitefield, Elizabeth Fry, John Newton and many others.

Meanwhile in the British Museum, there is actual Bible History...


Walk and Tour Information

It is indisputable that individuals who have served the purposes of God in this city have changed the world. Many of them have history within walking distance of each other, and many of them were admirers of the example of the others.

In the British Museum are artefacts associated with Abraham, Hezekiah, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel, Paul and many others.

A Christian Heritage London day includes a tour of the British Museum and a guided walk in the City of London.

On Saturdays the programme is:
10 AM at the British Museum (1 1/2 hours to 2 hours)
Break for lunch and transport
2 PM City of London guided walk (2 to 3 hours)

During the week we reverse the order, starting in the City and going on to the British Museum in the afternoon.

It is possible to come just for the British Museum or the City component.


Christian Heritage London Day: £25 per person
British Museum tour: £15 per person
City of London guided walk: £15 per person (minimum £25 per group)
Christianity and the Development of the West tour of the Victoria and Albert museum: £15 per person (minimum group 4 people)
The Gospel in Art tours of London's major art galleries: £15 per person (minimum group 5 people)
Generous discounts are offered for group bookings.

Gift vouchers are also available for walks and tours.

To make enquiries or to request a booking please contact us.

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